Suitable from small to big to huge coworking hubs.

SuperCoworker is designed to streamline and automate your various routine tasks related to coworking management.

Multiple Locations

Manage multiple coworking hubs in a single interface. Each centre can have a different pricing plan.

Flexible Plans

Flexibility to design your pricing structure at the hub & end client level. Define differential pricing for each client.

Invoice Management

Send invoice directly to clients or route them via your centre head. Capture invoice wise payments as well.

Client Login

A dedicated web interface for your team and your clients. Through the portal, your clients can do self-service.

Manage Meeting Rooms

Define, book and manage an unlimited number of meeting rooms for hub & external clients

Virtual Office Clients

Onboard unlimited clients who would like to avail virtual office facility at hub address without any additional licensing cost.

Manage Your Resources

Manage your infrastructure resources. Define individual pricing & tax structure and allocate free usage to clients.

Lead Management

Let your team record & manage the leads information for successful closure. Sit back and see the leads getting converted to clients.

Helpdesk for Clients

Allow your clients to raise a support request and let your helpdesk team track & address them efficiently.

Visitor Management

Allows you & your clients to schedule visitors easily. Issue visitor pass & track - check-in, check-out. Smartphone Application Available

Notice Board

Notice Board for your hub team members to share notification with your clients on a real-time basis.

Ad-hoc Invoice Generation

Generate ad-hoc invoices for your clients for items which are issued or charged outside the system.

Courier Management

Easily manage planned and unplanned couriers easily in your coworking hub.


Allows your client and teams to generate various reports directly from the platform interface.

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