The Future of Coworking Space Management Starts Here

SuperCoworker is an all-in-one application which you always needed to set-up operate your coworking hub

Manage Multiple Hubs

Through this platform, you can easily manage any number of your coworking hubs (single or multiple).

Desk Management

You can manage all type of sittings, i.e. desk (open or dedicated) or cabins from a single interface for any number of hubs.

Manage Your Clients

Efficiently perform client on-boarding, separation and management during the time they are part of your coworking hub.

Book Meeting Room

Book meeting rooms for your clients or external visitors efficiently ensuring no multiple booking for same time slots.

Login For Your Clients

Platform allows your end-clients to login and access relevant services which they require like Booking Meeting Rooms, Helpdesk & others.

Walk-In Lead Capturing

Capture the potential customer's (walk-in) information and verify their contact details through OTP on a realtime basis.

Invoicing & Payments

Easily generate tax invoices for your end clients and capture payment details to get statement of account.

Assign Car Parking Slots

In case you offer chargeable parking space, you can assign and bill the charges to your end clients repeatedly.

Manage Hub Supplies

Manage the handling of chargeable and free office supplies or meals in your coworking space.

Issue Management

Easily helpdesk/issue management interface for your end-users to raise tickets and your team to provide support.

Generate Reports

Identify and get all mission-critical reports from the system. In case any report is not present, let us know, and we will create it for you.

Weekly Updates

We are committed to make SuperCoworker a wing-to-wing platform for coworking hubs. With this vision, we release weekly updates.

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Coworking Hubs
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